How do foreigners register companies in China?

There are more and more foreigners registering companies in China, mainly because the demand for registered companies has been very strong in recent years. So how do foreigners register companies in China?

1. Registration procedures for wholly foreign-owned enterprises:

1. Naming is the first step in the registration of a foreign company in Shanghai. First of all, you need to check whether the company name has been used, and it can't be used if the name is similar. It usually takes 5 working days to get the name. After passing the review by government, you can get the name approval notice. Otherwise, you need to re-name it.

2. After naming is completed, the enterprise establishment registration application must be submitted to the Foreign Investment Committee for approval. Please note that all materials must be taken. Generally, this process takes about 20 working days.

3. Applying for a business license: Submit the prepared materials to the Trade and Industry Bureau for a business license. It takes about 10 working days to complete the materials.

4. Engraved stamps: generally include official seal, financial seal and legal represent personal seal, if you need other seals need to be explained in advance, it usually takes about 1 working day.

5. Bank account opening: choose a bank to open an account, with business license and official seal and other materials to the bank, each bank processing time is inconsistent, details can consult the bank.

How do foreigners register companies in China?

2. Materials required for registering a company

1) Legal and valid identification of the shareholders, legal representatives, supervisors and executive directors

For registered foreign-funded companies, the identity certificate of the shareholders is mainly a passport (foreign individual shareholder) or a business certificate (foreign company shareholder); the identity certificate of a legal representative, supervisor, executive director, etc. is a passport.

The company¡¯s legal representative is also required to provide color photos.

2)Proof of registered address:

A copy of the real estate certificate of the registered address (the property must be of commercial or industrial use), lease agreement and lease invoice.

3)Financial officer identification

The financial personnel's ID card, employment certificate and photos.

4)Business registration materials

1. "Notice of Pre-approval of Enterprise Name";

2.Chapters signed by all shareholders;

The shareholders' meeting resolution;

¡°Notice of Enterprise Notification" signed by shareholders;

Application for Registration of Companies Established by Shareholders and Legal Representatives.