What is the procedure to register a company in China?

Foreign-owned company registration process

register a company in China


NO. Item Material needed and process Related institutions Time
1 Name approval Naming->Apply online->Get "Name approval notice" District and County Bureau of Industry and Commerce 3-5 working days
2 Special approval before registration At present, there are 14 major categories of pre-approval and 72 approval projects. Health and Environmental Protection Agency etc. 20-40 working days
3 Industrial and commercial registration Provide registration application, company charter, legal representative identification, name approval notice, company residence certificate, etc. Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce 5-10 working days
4 Business license ID card of shareholders Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce 1 working days
5 Crave stamp Provide business license, legal representative identification and other materials to special section of the Public Security Bureau, after approval, the stamp will be craved Public security bureau 2 working days
6 Filing with Business bureau Provide shareholder identification, house property certificate, business license and other materials Bureau of commerce 10 working days
7 Opening bank account Provide approval certificate, business license, legal person identification, official seal,financial seal,personal seal of legal representative, etc. Bank 20 working days
8 Special approval after registration Provide information such as application form, business license, company charter, business place documents, legal person identification Food and Drug Administration etc. 40 working days
9 Import & Export license Business license, ID card of legal representative, bank license, etc.(Only for those who have import and export business) Bureau of commerce, Custom etc. 15-20 working days



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