Foreign company registration guidance

Approval of the registered name of a foreign company

1.The name of a foreign-owned company generally consists of four parts, followed by administrative division + name + industry characteristics + organizational form. For example: Beijing Tiandixing International Trading Co., Ltd.; Beijing is an administrative division, Tiandixing is the name, international trading as an industry, and limited company as the organizational form.

2.The administrative division in the name of a foreign-owned trading company can be placed after the name, such as Tiandixing (Beijing) International Trading Co., Ltd.; it can also be placed before the organizational form, such as Tiandixing International Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

3.The name of a foreign-owned trading company shall use Chinese characters that conform to the national norms. The name shall consist of more than two Chinese characters. Chinese Pinyin letters and numbers shall not be used. The English name of a foreign-owned company shall not be specially required for registration at the Trade and Industry Bureau.

Approved by the Chinese Administration for Industry and Commerce, if the subscription amount is more than 50 million yuan, the name of the enterprise without administrative division may be used.

Registering a suitable name that you are satisfied with is the first step in your successful investment. For details of registration of foreign-owned companies, please call us.

Foreign company registration guidance

The minimum subscription amount of foreign companies

1.The minimum subscription amount of most foreign-owned companies has no special rules and is in compliance with the company law.

2.According to our actual experience, the ¡°minimum subscription amount¡± is closely related to the situation of the company you intend to register. For example, the main products of the company, the scale of the business, the different regions to be registered and the tax situation after the establishment of the company, etc.

3.Generally, small and medium size foreign-owned companies will choose to register with 5 million yuan, 3 million yuan, 1 million yuan or 500,000 yuan subscription amount. Of course, companies with 30,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan subscription amount can also be registered. The greater the subscription amount, the more trustworthy the company will be. If the amount is too small will affect your company.

4.If a foreign company needs to apply for a general taxpayer once it is registered, we suggest that it is more appropriate to choose a subscription amount of more than 1 million yuan.

There are many problems involved in subscription amount, and a deep understanding of this "subscription amount" with Chinese characteristics is very important to your investment. Please call for details.

Foreign company registration guidance

Methods and time limit of capital contribution of foreign-owned company

1.The time of shareholders of a foreign company to contribute capital is determined by the shareholders and contributed according to the time specified in the charter.?

2.Foreign investors can contribute capital in foreign currencies that are freely convertible, and foreign currencies must be remitted into China from overseas.?

3.The amount of money contributed by all shareholders shall not be less than 30% of the subscription amount. Shareholders may use non-monetary assets such as physical objects, intellectual property rights, land use rights, and equity to make capital contributions, except for property that is not permitted to be contributed by laws and regulations.?

After the investors contribute the capital for each period, the foreign-owned company can hire a Chinese certified public accountant to verify and issue a capital verification report to the examination and approval authority for the record.

The time for capital contribution of a foreign-owned company is the time after the registration of the company. The regulations and operations for the capital contribution are complicated. Please contact us for details.

Registered address of a foreign company

1.For setting up a foreign company, you must have a registered address first. You need to rent an office in a commercial office building.

2.After renting an office, you must sign a rental contract and let the landlord provide the registration materials such as real estate license and rent invoice. The landlord must ensure that the rented house can meet the registration requirements for industrial and commercial taxation Bureau.

3.If the house you are renting is for commercial and residential use apartment or residence, you need to obtain the seal agreement of the community committee(or owner's committee), and obtain the proof document that the owners of the interest agree to change the house into a business house issued by the community committee(or owner's committee). Recently Beijing policy stipulates that houses and apartments of residential cannot be used as company registration.

4.Where a house purchased by an overseas institution or individual is used as a place of business, the foreign institution and individual shall establish a foreign-invested real estate enterprise to carry out the leasing business through the foreign-invested real estate enterprise. However, the rental house was purchased before July 11, 2006, and the leased area is below 500 square meters. The lessee can register company with the building ownership certificate. If the rental area is more than 500 square meters, the overseas institutions and individuals shall establish a property management enterprise, and the lessee can register company with a copy of the stamped business license of the property management enterprise, the building ownership certificate and the power of attorney entrusting the rental business of the property management enterprise. Where an overseas institution or individual rents out their purchased houses , it shall also submit a document certifying that the community committee(or owner's committee) has agreed to change the house into a business house.

In the process of setting up a foreign-owned enterprise, there are many cases of registration failure due to non-compliance with the regulations. It is a very important step to carefully choose a legal business place. For details, please call us.