Foreign company registration by agent company process

Registering a foreign company in China is more cumbersome than a domestic company. It is unfamiliar that how to register and prepare which materials, so many people who want to register a foreign company will choose to find an agent company to help register foreign companies. So what is the process of handling the registration of a foreign company by the agency?

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Foreign company registration by agent company process

1. Contact the agent company and sign the agency contract

First choose a formal agency, then communicate according to your needs, so that the salesperson can clearly know your needs, and then determine the business to be handled. The agent company will prepare the contract for the agency and can start the contract after signing the contract.

2. Foreign company name approval

According to the company name provided by the applicant, the agency will provide the name approval service. Applicants are advised to prepare a few more names, and if the name is duplicated with existing name, the approval will not pass.

3. Apply for the relevant approval certificate

Many special industries need to apply for relevant qualification certificates, and some need to apply for relevant qualifications before applying for a business license. Such as import and export licenses, labor dispatch licenses, etc. According to the requirements, the agency can apply for the company, and the applicant only needs to provide relevant materials.

4. Apply for a business license

The applicant should provide the business license for the enterprise according to the application materials provided by the agent company. We provide one-stop agency service, if all materials are delivered, we will successfully apply for the license with one try!

5. Engrave stamps

Stamps need to be engraved by specific engraving companies designated by the Public Security Bureau. Select the stamps according to their needs. Generally, the official stamp, the contract stamp, the legal person stamp are needed.

6. Go through the registration procedures of relevant departments

1. Handling national and local tax registration, foreign-invested companies should go to the State Taxation Bureau and the local tax bureau for tax registration.

2. Handling foreign exchange registration. Foreign-funded companies should go to the State Administration of Foreign Exchange for foreign exchange registration certificates.

3. Handle financial registration. Foreign-funded companies should go to the Finance Bureau to handle the financial registration certificate.

4. Handling customs registration (such as handling import and export rights)

The above is the general process of selecting a company to register a foreign company. The registration of foreign-invested companies is relatively cumbersome, and both Chinese and English are required to provide materials, and many registration requirements will be different from domestic companies. If you have any requirements for registering a foreign company, you can always consult us! Ten years of operation, to provide you with quality agency services!