Set Up Company In China ĘC What Are The Benefits?

Set up company in China may be something you are considering. Of course, deciding to set up a business in any country is a big decision, but there are many benefits associated with China that are guaranteed to put your mind at ease. This includes the sheer number of people that reside in China - more than 1.36 billion! Not only this, but China is the number one trading nation and manufacturer by output on a worldwide scale, their GDP is the second highest (with only the U.S. boasting higher), and household incomes in China are soaring.

Set Up Company In Shanghai

The last point, in particular, is very important, as more than 300 million people are now considered middle class in China. In fact, by 2030, it is predicted that 70 per cent of the population will be urban middle class. This means that there are many markets available to those considering setting up a company in China. Foreign countries are finding growth markets for advanced manufacturing, specialised professional services, education, tourism, processed food, agricultural produce, and much more. The very low employment costs are another major draw for those considering setting up a business in China.

Set Up Company In Shanghai

If the low costs and rapidly increasing consumer wealth was not enough, you will also benefit from a dynamic fast-growing economy, a favourable business atmosphere, a large pool of trained labour, and a major emerging market. You can also find a large selection of quality products at very competitive prices in order to start setting up business in China. For example, a lot of investors start doing business in China in producing toys, chemicals, metals, raw materials, footwear, apparel, textiles, amongst others. Many top names from across the world can now be found in China, and it is not difficult to see why.

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