FAQ: Types of foreign-invested enterprise

Q: What is a foreign-invested enterprise?

A: A foreign-invested enterprise refers to a company registered in China according to the Chinese law and regulations, which is jointly invested by Chinese investors and foreign investors or invested by foreign investors only.

Types of foreign-invested enterprise

Q: What are the types of foreign-invested companies?

A: 1.Wholly foreign-owned enterprise

2.Chinese-foreign joint venture

3.Foreign-funded stock corporation

4.Foreign-foreign joint venture

Types of foreign-invested enterprise

Q: What is a foreign company?

A: A foreign company refers to an enterprise invested by foreign investors contributed all the capital and registered in China in accordance with relevant Chinese laws, also known as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise.

Q: What is a Chinese-foreign joint venture?

A: A Chinese-foreign joint venture is a enterprise jointly invested by foreign companies, enterprises and other economic organizations or natural persons and Chinese companies, enterprises or other economic organizations in accordance with the principle of equality and mutual benefit, approved by the Chinese government.