Beijing representative office registration process

Registration process for foreign companies in Beijing Representative Office:

1.Lease a formal office building as a business place

2.Prepare the documents(usually 20-40 working days),the required documents are as follows:

(1) "Application for Registration of Permanent Representative Offices of Foreign Enterprise" signed by the authorized signatory of the foreign enterprise.

(2)Certificate of identity of the handler (1 copy,check the original)

(3)Letter of Authorization of Application for registration of a permanent representative office of foreign enterprise (original)

(4)The approval document of the approval authority (1 original) (legal,administrative regulations and the State Council stipulate that the establishment of the resident representative office shall be submitted for approval)

(5)Notarized and legalized proof of the residence of a foreign enterprise, a legal business certificate for more than two years and a foreign company charter or an organization agreement.

(6)Notarized and legalized letter of authorization of authorized signatory issued by foreign company.

(7)Notarized and legalized appointment documents of chief representatives and representatives of foreign (regional) enterprises and their ID cards.

(8)Resume of the chief representative and representatives.

(9)Notarized and legalized credit certificate issued by a financial institution that has business dealings with foreign company.

(10)Business location information.

Beijing representative office registration process

3.Industry and Commerce Bureau registration procedures (5-10 working days)

(1) Submit documents that need to be approved online

(2) Make an appointment after the online approval is finished

(3) Submit materials at the Industry and Commerce Bureau

(4) Receive a certificate at the Industry and Commerce Bureau

Beijing representative office registration process

4. Crave the stamps (1-2 working days)

(1) Original legal representative ID card and power of attorney

(2) Original copy of the certificate

(3) Opening a bank account (10-20 working days)

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